Finding a document management system that works well for your organization can be difficult. The right system will do more than just speed up processes and allow you to better manage your documents. It’s going to significantly impact departments that need to meet compliance and other  regulations.


There are some documents and files that need to be kept for a certain amount of time to ensure compliance. In these cases, having a DMS is really beneficial. This system will prevent any physical damage and other dangers of storing physical documents in file cabinets for long periods of time. With a DMS you will cut down on the damages of the files as well as the time it takes to find and access them. If multiple employees are accessing the information it could easily be misplaced, or worse lost, resulting in you spending half your work day trying to figure out where it could be. Due to the changes in legislation, and the increasing fear of hacking, organizations need to meet compliance and other requirements to remain competitive.


Everyone, both businesses and customers alike, are nervous about the data breaches and hacks that are happening more and more. Not only external breaches, but internal as well. This means it’s important that DMS security features are appropriate both internally and externally. Keep unauthorized employees from being able to access it by using user permissions to ensure information security. Take the precautions to protect sensitive information and you and your customer’s will rest easy.


One of the biggest challenges in a human resource department is meeting compliance and regulation requirements. Especially with the growth of mobile devices and the cloud adding on even more stress. Many features of a document management system will simplify and uphold compliance. Although simply uploading and scanning documents into a system may not be enough to guarantee compliance. Find a system with the right integrations to work with your current systems and that have the right security features for your needs.

Using a document management system in the HR department does more than just speeds up daily tasks. It allows your HR department to change focus onto what really matters; people. If you’d like more information about document management, contact Biel’s today.