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Automate Invoicing For Seamless Accounts PayableAccounts Payable & Financial Departments

Staying focused is more important than ever, especially when searching for ways to cut costs, increase productivity and generate ROI. With just one initiative — using Biel’s to electronically manage accounts payable (AP) and other financial documents — your organization could introduce the quickest and most cost-effective way to improve the bottom line.

According to a recent study, accounts payable and other financial departments deploying Biel’s solutions for accounting and financials can expect a 40 percent increase in worker productivity in the first year. Ben Adams, business innovations manager at Bentall Kennedy, reports that Bentall achieved payback on its Biel’s investment in 11 months and saves $1 million annually from efficiencies created by the system.

Biel’s has helped hundreds of other organizations do more with less by streamlining document-intensive, back-office routines like invoice processing in accounts payable. But document management, document imaging and workflow in AP is just the beginning. Through a combination of leading technology, industry expertise and proven success, Biel’s is uniquely qualified to deliver immediate efficiencies in procurement processing, payment capture, expense reporting, purchase card (p-card) processing and any other areas across the accounting department.

Streamlining critical business process is more important now than ever before. In the world of business, cash flow is king. By implementing an electronic document management solution you will increase your cash flow, streamline your back-office process and become efficient and compliant all with a ROI of less than one year.

You can streamline back-office, document intensive processes such as Proof of Delivery and Invoice Processing by using a combination of document scanning, document management software and workflow. Even better any solution you chose can be integrated with your existing line-of-business financial software such as SAP and Microsoft Dynamics. All types of documents can be converted: pick list, invoices, credit memos, delivery tickets, vendor/customer checks and these are just a few.

Your solution from Biel’s will provide fast and accurate document scanning, filing and multi-user access streamlined to ensure accurate, fast retrieval of scanned images and data. All this can be stored in a centralized location and can be accessed instantly. So any invoice or delivery disputes can be settled with a touch of a button or the click of a mouse.
Jump-Start Profitability and Productivity

Biel’s systems can seamlessly integrate with any existing financial application (such as Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Oracle, Lawson, PeopleSoft and others) and process so staff can easily:

  • Organize all types of documents from any source to boost productivity
  • Link documents to records in any business application for instant retrieval
  • Route related documents automatically for fast approval and payment
  • Resolve vendor or other issues in seconds with real-time access to information
  • Automate routine tasks so staff can focus on exceptions and critical issues
  • Centralize documents in a single electronic repository to simplify daily tasks
  • Quickly find outstanding invoices and pertinent paperwork for reconciliation
  • Analyze productivity statistics, identify bottlenecks and more with reporting

When you automate manual processes, you improve the predictability of results which allows you to improve the way you manage your operations and control costs. FileBound improves your throughput and provides the control you need to succeed. Start 2014 Paperless with FileBound.