Biel's Can Help Your Sales Team ExcelWhat if a Document Management system could help your Sales Staff make more sales more quickly?

What if your potential customers could access their quotes and other custom sales documents instantaneously and make a purchase decision in minutes? With instant access to all necessary sales aides, your Sales team will become more efficient and be able to concentrate on making sales instead of doing paperwork. And potential customers will have all they need to sign an agreement at their finger tips.

One mouse click and your sales team can retrieve business-critical documents to answer inquiries, verify delivery, or even e-mail a copy of an invoice to a customer. Your delivery or accounting teams can be provided the same electronic access to those documents, which include: Customer Quotes, Sales agreements and Contracts. Make your Sales Staff more valuable.

Streamline Contract Workflow
It’s critical to keep everyone on the same page when managing sales agreements, but with all the back-and-forth involved, a manual system can easily lead to confusion. With powerful document control and workflow features, Biel’s solutions for contract management provide an effortless way to manage sales agreements. At any point in the contract lifecycle, whether you are creating a new contract or renewing an existing one, you can check out the latest version of the document, check in a new version, review an audit trail, sign the contract electronically and more.

Biel’s solutions let you:

  • Provide reviewers instant access to sales agreements from anywhere, anytime
  • Assign tasks with instructions for reviewers to clarify and streamline processes
  • Automate workflow based on the contents of the contract, such as contract value, or use ad hoc routing to instantly send the contract to an approver
  • Maintain a complete audit trail by requiring document check-out/check-in
  • Receive notifications when contracts are up for renewal, leaving ample time for renegotiation
  • Run reports on the contents of contracts to easily answer questions and provide required information to auditors