Kodak Scanner

County, local and municipal governments along with school and fire districts now have the ability to use the New York State Contract to purchase Kodak Scanners and products.

The Procurement Services Group of the Office of General Services awards contracts for thousands of different commodities, services, and technology products. Using these contracts to their advantage, customers are more able to purchase quality goods and services at a lower cost.

There is an estimated savings of 10-40% on average. In fact, local governments who did not take advantage of State Contracts in some cases spent tens of thousands of dollars more than those that were fortunate enough to benefit from purchasing through the contracts available.   State contracts already meet competitive bidding requirements so purchases can be made quicker and without multiple bids. Buying through State Contract also:

  • Reduces/eliminates the time required to prepare bid specifications.
  • Enhances and simplifies the purchase process.
  • Minimizing the time required to identify responsible vendors.
  • Benefit from the competition of many bidders seeking large volume contracts.
  • Help avoid certain controversies that may arise during the competitive bidding process.

Biel’s has sold over $2 million worth of products through New York State Contract

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