NYS Preferred Source Program

Biel’s is part of the NYS Preferred Source Program

Through a collaboration with New York State Industries for the Disabled, Inc. (NYSID), Biel’s full range of document imaging services are available to state and local government customers under New York State’s Preferred Source Program. Biel’s is proudly partnered with Heritage Centers’ Allentown Industries, a NYSID member agency which provides employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities in our community. These workers are trained under Biel’s guidance to qualify as document conversion specialists.

This association provides great benefits to government agency customers who need efficient records management solutions:

  • A single source for document conversion services
  • Unique records retention options tailored to customers’ needs
  • Relief from costly, time-consuming documentation issues and delivery services
  • Competitive prices and enabled security measures for your core documents
  • Consistent quality and risk management oversight
  • Improved budget bottom-line and increased records retention options

New York State’s Preferred Source Program is a proven resource for uniting government agencies with quality business support services, while creating jobs for New Yorkers who experience barriers to other employment opportunities. NYSID Preferred Source contracts have an established track record of 40 years of customer satisfaction and job creation through the state’s initiative.