Healthcare institutions are inundated with information and data. These institutions record, analyze, process, update, file, communicate, and secure data. This information is vital to both providers and consumers. Considering that paper filing systems are still the standard for many healthcare providers, here are just a few benefits of losing the filing cabinets and switching to E-forms.

Data Accuracy

It’s often difficult to read through doctors’ prescriptions  and medical paperwork. While this depends on your doctor, often the same can be said for patients. Quickly jotting down medical history, family history, insurance information and more in a stressful scenario can easily lead to compromised data accuracy and allow crucial information to go unnoticed. Similarly, human error causes the loss, delay or compromise of paper forms. Biel’s Formatta E-forms Management customizes E-forms, designed to share information accurately and instantly between patient and provider.

Accelerated Processes

As previously mentioned, the sharing of information is instant. Doctors can inform patients of test results, give referrals, update prescriptions, and schedule appointments at the click of a button. The benefits of E-forms still go far beyond that. Patient access, clinical department, patient finance, legal, human resources, and accounting all receive these benefits as well. Streamlined workflow between these departments immediately translates to faster results and better customer service.


HIPPA compliance is a key issue that is resolved with the use of digital document management.  Your document management system needs to work hand in hand with your existing health information system. Biel’s solution digitizes and incorporates admission packets, chart components, EOBs and even resumes into existing processes. Better management directly leads to better security.

Reduce Costs

All of the previously stated benefits are in addition to the savings provided by switching to E-Forms. Reducing the cost of paper, and paper waste is a great start. Furthermore, the reduction of storage space and the staff time required to archive and search through that storage space are savings that will slowly but surely add up.

E-forms are beneficial in many other ways, and are utilized in almost every industry.

Biel’s is now InStream! To learn more about the benefits of E-forms, click here to visit InStream’s website.