Biel's Has Worked with Educational Institution throughout New York State


Every educational institution relies on a multitude of records to manage both students and employees. As these records start to build up- from Student Records to Teacher Applications – more and more space and time are consumed. Your Biel’s Solution will rid your office of filing cabinets and make records instantly available to your PC. With an emphasis on document security, we can develop a specialized document management solution for your school ranging from Microfilm conversion to Wide Format Printers for your Print Shop.

From kindergarten to college, the path of a student’s education is marked by thousands of documents, records and paperwork. Managing the lifecycle of student documents over time is made easier with a content management system from Biel’s. Document management, imaging and workflow effectively processes electronic documents to streamline workflows, boost efficiency, save time and money, and improve student service. Biel’s systems are at work in all facets of education, including public school districts, private K-12 schools and more than 440 higher education institutions worldwide.

I just wanted to let you know how much RX CD’s and the extender software have helped. It’s so easy to go through the CD’s and search for records. It’s going to reduce the number of miscellaneous records drastically. The Report Extender software has been very useful and has saved a lot of time and effort during the prep time. I know it will save a lot of time and effort for the guidance staff, as well, once they start using the CDs. This is so cool! Thank you!
-Pamela Brown, Records Management Coordinator, Jamestown Public Schools 
Thanks to Biel’s, the microfilm conversion project turned out wonderful. Our Area Manager took the time to help me, and was very willing and able to explain to me all the things that I needed to know. Thanks again!
-Rosalie Smith, Records Management Coordinator, Avoca Central Schools

Higher Education

Over the years, Biel’s has helped colleges and universities find success with Document Management. Biel’s provides solutions such as Electronic Document Management Systems, Hardware, and Paper Conversion Services to Colleges and Universities. Streamline business processes, improve student service, reduce costs, integrate document management with Banner, and help ensure compliance with Document Management.

From enrollment services to the business office to student services, documents and content are constantly moving across your campus. Your ability to manage and use this student-focused and business information impacts how effectively you serve students, staff, faculty, alumni and vendors. Managing this content within the context of the systems you use daily directly enhances your institution’s effectiveness and students’ success.

As the leading document management expert in higher education, Biel’s empowers more than 50 colleges and universities in Upstate New York and Northern Pennsylvania to improve student service, streamline processes, enhance collaboration among departments, and achieve greater institutional efficiency, productivity and competitive advantage. Our solutions, including Banner integration and other various software solutions, along with document imaging and workflow, have been refined by well over 70 years of experience in higher education and are constantly evolving based on collaboration with customers, industry expertise, and a commitment to superior engineering and innovation. Also, now with Biel’s new TRAV System™ now you can accurately track travel requests, avoid per diem mistakes, and schedule fleet vehicles for your campus.

Document Management for Education provides. . . . .

Instant Access – An EDMS gives you the ability to securely access documents at any time from your computer. No more running back and forth to the file cabinet or asking an assistant to track down a relevant file or document. Think of the time savings that can be aggragated across a company when it only takes seconds to find a document.

Electronic Workflow – Every process that takes place involves workflow. The flow of paper processes can be mapped and relicated electronically. The result: improved and streamlined document workflow processes that maximize time and cost savings. Search, Retrieval, and Retention Capabilities Most businesses today store documents in paper-based file cabinets, folders on shared server drives, and local desktop hard drives. Now, all of your documents can be found in one place. And, with structural searches, keyword, and full text searches, you can find what you are looking for, and you can do it faster. You can even flag files for action or deletion.

Integration with Other Office Applications – It is now possible for small and medium-sized companies to achieve levels of application integration historically reserved for large organizations with more IT resources. Now, you can integrate with other software applications, such as Microsoft Office Suite and SharePoint, without custom programming.

Security – Your documents should be as secure as they are instantly accessible. With user, document, and folder level security, a check-in/check-out tracking system, read-only outputs, and redaction, your documents are safe and secure at all times, to all users.

Disaster Management – Paper documents stored in file cabinets and electronic documents stored on workstations are vulnerable to catastrophic loss – fire, water damage, and break-ins. Proper planning could enable your firm to survive a disaster. Using an EDMS allows multiple backups to be stored at offsite locations providing a means to recover your data in the event of a disaster.