Biel's Helps Engineering Firms Work Faster and BetterIn Engineering, Accuracy Matters.

Engineers and Designers store their knowledge and ideas in all types of documents. With this comes the challenge of managing engineering changes, revisions, and release processes as well as collaborating across the Web. Engineering departments very often have difficulty finding documents, identifying correct versions of a document, and keeping documents secure. In a Paperless environment, your drawings, maps and renderings can be scanned, indexed & secured to meet all of your ease of use and security needs.

Another solution…Wide Format Printing. By either adding a new Canon Wide Format Printer or replacing an old outdated existing model you could dramatically improve your Engineering department’s speed, quality and production. Everything including Renderings, New Product Designs, CAD Drawings, and Blueprints can be printed quickly and in full color with amazing detail.

Creating picture – and letter-perfect technical drawings is what Canon imagePROGRAF technology is all about. Whether you are a first-time buyer or replacing an older printer, it all adds up to more readable, accurate drawings…and less errors in the field.

Look at many technical documents — engineering diagrams, GIS maps, construction plans — and the output is a dizzying array of lines and letters, all of equal importance to the user. Ensuring that the lines are accurately positioned on the output and that all the lettering is readable, even when placed against colored backgrounds, is critically important. Canon imagePROGRAF Printers have been engineered to address this challenge, incorporating an industry-leading array of technologies that produce crisp, accurate and precise output for complex technical documents.