Financial Services

Financial Services Benefit from DigitizationConnecting Documents, People and Progress

Banks, insurers and related financial institutions are document intensive businesses. Financial reports, statements, policies, claims, etc… are voluminous and growing. Many make use of marketing automation processes to help them out. Oftentimes, not having information accessible can mean the loss of a major opportunity and/or a breach of compliance regulations. As a result, there is a great need to preserve and back up this data to make certain that documents are accessible for retrieval. With increased competition, increased regulatory compliance demands, and the need for the highest level of customer satisfaction and security, financial services organizations must become even more efficient and effective in daily operations. That’s why it makes sense for financial services companies to use document imaging solutions.

Increasing revenue while operating in a multi-regulatory environment is a concern for all financial services firms. Paper-based processes complicate workflow and cut into profits, while proliferating customer files and compliance demands can compromise efficiency-and customer service. Cost-effective, rapidly-deployed Document solutions help you maximize efficiency, improve productivity and increase profitability, all while reducing the cost of compliance.

Document management, imaging and workflow from Biel’s puts you in touch with the documents you need and with each other. With a single click, you’re able to work faster, more accurately and more collaboratively. For many financial services organizations worldwide, these benefits are already a reality.
The key is ImageNow’s patented integration that weaves tightly into any existing loan origination, banking, and brokerage, ERP or other type of business software application – regardless of manufacturer or platform – without programming. Biel’s system integrates with Kirchman Bankway, NetOxygen, HELM, Lawson, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Oracle-PeopleSoft and more. By extending the functionality of your core applications, Biel’s significantly increases staff productivity, helps automate and streamline customer service, and reduces the costs associated with storage, office supplies and mailing.
Meeting the Needs of Today’s Financial Landscape

With the constantly changing landscape of the financial services industry, organizations need technology that has a low total cost of ownership, can easily scale enterprise-wide and deliver proven return on investment. Biel’s helps organizations like yours meet these requirements as well as a growing number of compliance initiatives, including AML and the eSign Act. And Biel’s’s extensive capture and security features readily enhance disaster recovery plans.
Enterprise-Wide Efficiencies

The system is flexible and scalable by design, and is built for ease of use and rapid deployment, letting you quickly create efficiencies across your organization. In addition, the highly scalable architecture simplifies the cost-effective expansion into additional software applications and other departments, helping you implement those efficiencies throughout the enterprise. Single- or multi-server, one department or across fifty regional offices, 50 users or 5,000 – it can adapt to your organization’s unique document management needs.