Document management solutions and automated processes can be beneficial to any and every type of business. The more information, data, and paper required, the more benefits can be obtained by that business. Human Resource departments are being inundated with paper and information to process. Processing resumes, job applications, time sheets, evaluations and government documents; the workload quite literally begins to pile up. Here are some of the ways integrating document management solutions into your human resources department can streamline workflow, while minimizing paper and stress.

HR Onboarding

Transitioning from applicant to employee is often a multifaceted process. Utilizing built-in workflows with document management software can make the transition as smooth as possible. Processes or routing, both internally and externally, that would usually take weeks is reduced to days. Employees can track and update status and location of new or potential employees in real-time. Similarly, potential hires can respond, complete forms or applications, and gain access to necessary information instantly as well. As a result, these tools increase the speed of hiring and training processes as well was employee integration into the team.

Automated Forms

Automating human resource processes, and taking advantage of document management solutions like cloud-based computing quickly translates into savings. Manual data entry won’t waste any more time and that time will be allocated to projects that require more attention. Not to mention, payroll, 401k, paper and printer expenses are all minimized or eliminated.

Using automated processes, not only saves money, but maintains accuracy. Errors are detected and corrected, and mistakes that cost time and money will be reduced to a minimum. Furthermore, there is little room for creativity when filling and filing government documents. Automated forms ensure compliance with legislative acts like HIPAA, ADA, and regulations like the Affordable Care Act.

Managing payroll, tracking time and attendance, keeping employees up to date with instant access, there are many more benefits of utilizing document management solutions in human resources. With this in mind, keep your workforce organized and updated, while saving money on outdated expenses quickly and easily will lead to a high return on investment

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