Human Resources Document Management Reduces Paper and Speeds Up Processes

biel's human resources solutionsBiel’s solutions for human resources simplify daily HR tasks by giving your HR staff instant access to documents whenever they’re needed. Employee information and forms –whether they originate from your HRIS, another HR application or as paper documents — are available immediately with a single click. Our HR document management solutions for HR integrate smoothly with all your employee management software, including solutions for recruiting, onboarding and performance. The connection to electronic personnel files is seamless – users access information within the HR software applications they use every day. Even if most employee documents are already digital, our HR solutions document output management features help speed up HR processes. Forms can be completed electronically by employees, then sent in batches to third-party administrators (TPAs) and other providers.

With file folders and cabinets filling up quickly from new applicants plus existing employee paperwork that must be retained and updated the Human Resources department is the true headquarters of any operation. Your Human Resources Document Management solution should provide quick access to both active and archived records and must adhere to tight security and compliance regulations. Biel’s has successfully created many Paperless Human Resource Offices throughout our region. A variety of solutions are available from personnel file conversions to completely indexed systems that will bring an employees personnel folder right to your computer screen in the blink of an eye. Say goodbye to those filing cabinets.

With Biel’s document management solutions for HR, you can:

  • Automatically capture and index documents from any source
  • Track HR documents and remove processing bottlenecks
  • Access electronic personnel files from your HRIS or other HR software solutions
  • Reduce paper and storage costs of Applications, Performance evaluations, benefit enrollment forms, retirement requests, 401K plans – it’s a dizzying array of forms when you’re in a HR office!

Major Human Resources applications:

  • Applications
  • Personnel Folders
  • Expense Reports
  • Time Cards
  • Benefits
  • Retirement Requests
  • Vacation Requests

Major HR Solutions: 

  • Automated Forms
  • Online Document Vault
  • Digitized HR Files
  • Forms Processing
  • Online Forms

As a Human Resource manager, director, generalist or recruiter you will realize an immediate, productive impact on your daily work. Using an Electronic Document Management System, you will be able to:

  • Retrieve information instantly
  • Define security access
  • Streamline application processes
  • Access documents with a single click
  • Automate routine processes
  • Implement in days, not months

When you automate manual processes, you improve the predictability of results which allows you to improve the way you manage your operations and control costs. FileBound improves your throughput and provides the control you need to succeed. Start making an impact today with FileBound.

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