In the world of sales, first impressions count and reputation means everything. With that being known, there is little room for error. One of the best ways to minimize that room for error is to keep your sales team updated with the latest technology. This is where document management systems excel.

Instant Access creates the ability to pull up quotes, organize sales documents, make alterations, and close deals within minutes. For a salesperson, time management is important, for a customer, it’s vital.  Regardless of the product or service, the ability to share any details and specifications on the fly is sure to leaving a lasting impression.

Streamlining workflow can be an extremely valuable asset to any team. A manual system is prone to miscommunication, misinformation, error, and leaving both customers and salespeople out of the loop. With instant access and electronic document management systems, such as cloud computing, keeping everyone on the same page is simple. Assigning a task, changing the game plan, switching into damage control mode, these headache-inducers now have quick solutions.

Automating workflow supplements the streamlining process. Reaching sales goals requires focus, presentation, communication, and so much more. That focus is diminished when needless paperwork stands in the way. Skipping the busywork and utilizing automated processing tools allows the sales team to focus on sales, while maintaining the accuracy and efficiency of any and all documents.

While a document management system certainly is a great way to prepare for the future, it also serves as an excellent tool to archive and provide document storage. The same instant access available for new information is applied to stored documents as well. Searching for past data is quick and easy when maintaining an audit trail with check-out/check-in systems, using keyword search to review previous contracts, and receiving notifications to leave ample time for renewal processes.

Biel’s is now InStream!

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