Kodak Scan Station 710


Seamless connector. Project archiver. Instant messenger. Exceptional performer. With capabilities like these, the KODAK Scan Station 710 has more functionality than you’d ever expect. And with its intuitive touchscreen, simple network setup, and robust remote management, it can give you an edge right out of the box. Which means the KODAK Scan Station 710 is more than a scanner. It’s your new information manager.

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Product Description

The Kodak Scan Station 710 is designed as a walk-up capture station that requires minimal user training and is easy to use. The Scan Station 710 is a standalone solution requiring no host PC or application software & connects to your existing network. Once connected, it makes use of existing network shared services to communicate with other network devices or destinations. The color touch screen is easy to use and allows you to quickly send your documents via e-mail, fax server, to networked drives, networked printers or USB flash drives with a simple touch.

Key Features:
* Works Within Your Existing Office Network
* Security Features: Secure Login, PDF Private Key Encryption
* Eliminates Mailing and Filing of Paper
* Scans Both Sides of Documents Simultaneously
* Scans in Color, Black and White or Grayscale
* Enable or Disable Scanning to Portable Flash Drives
* Secure Login via LDAP
* Frequent Job Settings that can be Programmed
* Easy to Configure Remotely
* Whisper-Quiet Operation
* Scan and Send with Nne Device
* Built-In Microphone & Speaker to Record & Play Messages

Additional Information

Weight 28 lbs
Dimensions 15 x 14 x 8.1 in