digitalreel-logo1Digital ReeL: The Microfilm Scanning Solution

Digital ReeL is a complete microfilm conversion solution which converts microfilm to virtual, digital microfilm rolls. The conversion creates a digital replica of your original microfilm or microfiche. The entire microfilm roll or fiche is digitally converted. The Digital ReeL microfilm conversion solution includes a software application that emulates microfilm retrieval from a reader printer. Users retrieve virtual microfilm rolls from a PC workstation, avoiding the hassles that come with physical microfilm and legacy reader printers. 

What Makes Digital ReeL Unique?

  • Affordable Price: Digital ReeL is priced 50% less than standard microfilm conversion methods (ideal for infrequently accessed microfilm archives).
  • Microfilm Conversion Accuracy: Digital ReeL converts microfilm, microfiche and aperture cards with near 100% accuracy because the entire microfilm roll or microfiche is converted – no images or details are lost, digitally preserving your microfilm, microfiche and aperture cards exactly as they appeared in their physical state.
  • Image Quality: Adjustable grayscale is included, enabling users to optimize the quality of tough-to-read images.

Easily Retrieve Records from an Online Viewer

Digital ReeL combines full-text searching capabilities with the utilization of your existing indexing methodology to enable users to quickly find information. Digital ReeL supports your existing micrographic indexing methodology. Book and page, case number, roll and frame, and more are example indexing methodologies supported by Digital ReeL. Even multiple indexing methodologies can be accommodated.

Install At Your Location or Leverage the Cloud

  • On Premise: After BMI completes the microfilm conversion service at our facility or at your site, your IT department stores and manages the digitally converted microfilm records and the Digital ReeL application. Users access records from a computer workstation(s) through the Digital ReeL interface.
  • Cloud Option: BMI not only performs the microfilm conversion service, but also hosts your digital records at our secure data center. Your researchers will log into the Digital ReeL web interface client to search and access records.