Document Storage

Store Your Documents Off-Site with Biel'sBiel’s Document Storage

We know your files are valuable, that’s why we protect them like our own.

Biel’s is the only document management provider in the area with a “Class A” Temperature & Humidity controlled Vault.


  • 20,000 cubic feet with adjacent 20,000 cubic foot expansion vault
  • 10″ steel reinforced concrete structure with reinforced concrete floor and ceiling
  • Designed against unauthorized access to U.S. defense standards – Class A unit
  • Mosler vault door approved for military classified (DOD) records
  • Climate controlled for stabilized temperature and humidity
  • Temperature is maintained at 70 degrees
  • Humidity is maintained at 35%
  • Electronic monitor system with alarm notification to sound when outside of controlled limits
  • Fire, smoke alarm and suppression systems
  • Computerized grid inventory system showing exact location and contents of each microform in storage, backed up daily