Electronic Document Management Systems

Biel's Offers Complete Electronic Document Management Systems For Businesses Of All SizesElectronic Document Management Systems: The Cornerstone to Content Management

Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS) drive business results by helping organizations efficiently capture, store, retrieve, and use their documents and data. Information can be streamlined and easily managed with many immediate benefits, including instant document access; enhanced workflow; search, retrieval, and retention capabilities; integration with current office applications; and disaster management.

Instant Access – An EDMS gives you the ability to securely access documents at any time from your computer. No more running back and forth to the file cabinet or asking an assistant to track down a relevant file or document. Think of the time savings that can be aggragated across a company when it only takes seconds to find a document.

Electronic Workflow – Every process that takes place involves workflow. The flow of paper processes can be mapped and relicated electronically. The result: improved and streamlined document workflow processes that maximize time and cost savings. Search, Retrieval, and Retention Capabilities Most businesses today store documents in paper-based file cabinets, folders on shared server drives, and local desktop hard drives. Now, all of your documents can be found in one place. And, with structural searches, keyword, and full text searches, you can find what you are looking for, and you can do it faster. You can even flag files for action or deletion.

Integration with Other Office Applications – It is now possible for small and medium-sized companies to achieve levels of application integration historically reserved for large organizations with more IT resources. Now, you can integrate with other software applications, such as Microsoft Office Suite and SharePoint, without custom programming.

Security – Your documents should be as secure as they are instantly accessible. With user, document, and folder level security, a check-in/check-out tracking system, read-only outputs, and redaction, your documents are safe and secure at all times, to all users.

Disaster Management – Paper documents stored in file cabinets and electronic documents stored on workstations are vulnerable to catastrophic loss – fire, water damage, and break-ins. Proper planning could enable your firm to survive a disaster. Using an EDMS allows multiple backups to be stored at offsite locations providing a means to recover your data in the event of a disaster.

The client server document management system is based on a Microsoft-Windows/.NET optimized system. It can be deployed right out of the box to provide instant document imaging and retention management capabilities. This option allows you to manage your own EDMS server, rather than renting server capacity.

The hosted, or Cloud-based model, is a secure, off-site (online) managed document management system. This option allows you to instantly retrieve your documents anytime, anywhere, from any computer with an Internet connection. Providing instant document imaging and retention management capabilities this hosted application requires no servers, software or IT staff, saving your organization money over more expensive licensed-based software systems.