Electronic Forms

Automate Forms with Electronic Forms ManagementElectronic (E-Forms) Management: Automating Business Processes

Electronic Forms provide all of the tools and functionality required to quickly automate forms-based business processes via secure, electronic forms with real-time database connectivity, digital signatures, XML output, prefill, encryption and much more. With Formatta, one e-form satisfies allof your form distribution needs. The same form can be downloaded, filled-out, saved, printed, routed and submitted for automated processing.

So, if you work in a world of paper forms, with Biel’s Formatta E-Forms Management you get much more than an electronic version of a paper form. Create improved efficiency, processes, costs, collaboration, and customer service. How can you just keep on doing business the old-fashioned way.

  • Create customized forms designed to automatically capture and transfer data to other forms and key business processes.
  • Forms can be quickly routed to any audience for review, verification or approval.
  • Accelerate processes that improve accuracy, consistency, and security, while cutting task time dramatically.
  • Adopt an affordable, easy-to-use work tool for team members.
  • Consists of Formatta Designer, a visual design and form conversion tool for creating portable form file (PFF) e-forms, and Formatta Filler, a freely distributable application for reading and filling forms.
  • Enables seamless integration with enterprise databases and applications.
  • Ensure form data integrity, reliability, authenticity and non-repudiation.

Unlike other e-forms products, there are no per client or form-based distribution fees associated. Full functionality for reading, filling, saving, printing, encrypting and routing e-forms, as well as section 508 compliance is included, thus eliminating the need for expensive client application upgrades or form “extensions.”