Scan To Zero


You’ve heard about the “paperless office.” Well, now it’s real!

Biel’s has developed a solution that will help you affordably eliminate all of your paper records over time. We call it Scan-To-Zero. For you, it translates to cost
savings, efficiency, and security!

90% of business information still exists on paper. In the US alone, there are over 4 trillion paper documents. These documents are taking up valuable office space, complicating the search and retrieval process for workers and are a huge risk to information security and integrity. Making the switch from paper to digital is quick, easy, effective, and now… affordable!

Save Money and Eliminate Paper Over Time

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Scan-To-Zero features:


With digital records available at your fingertips, the management of records and retrievals is fast and easy… saving time and improving office efficiency leads to cost savings with a real ROI.


We will work with you to come up with a payment plan to get you started. Store your paper off-site? That’s not a problem either. We will pay the termination fee for your contract to secure your records.

Go Green

Do you have a current sustainability or “Go Green” initiative in the works? Upon scanning completion, your documents will also be destroyed and recycled at an NIADA facility. Reducing our carbon footprint is more important now than ever!

Get Started

It really is THAT easy to get started with Scan-to-Zero. Simply contact your Biel’s representative today, or fill out the form below!

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