SUNY Travel Request and Voucher System


TRAV System™
SUNY Travel Request and Voucher System

Have per diems become your nightmare? With Biel’s new TRAV System™ now you can accurately track travel requests, avoid per diem mistakes, and schedule fleet vehicles.

Biel’s TRAV System understands the process… from the request to the voucher!


Features & Benefits

•  Automate travel request
•  Calculate allowed per diems
•  Charge multiple departments and G/L codes
•  Multiple levels of approval
•  Fleet vehicle requests
•  PCard posting and request reconciliation
•  Voucher creation automation
•  Calculated reimbursement

How We Do It

Biel’s has created a custom workflow management tool for SUNY schools. Our SUNY TRAV system helps to automate and organize your processes to save time, money and the headaches that come along with misfiled or lost per diem and travel requests.

Alfred State

 “Working with the Biel’s team, we have pinpointed an area of our operations that is a significant drain on our resources. The plan we have created should decrease the workload for this process by nearly 75%. This time savings will be realized across campus by both the faculty and staff. 

We have opened a floodgate, and we don’t see any reason to close them; we only wish we would have done it sooner!”

-Joseph Greenthal, Controller (Alfred State College)

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