Why the Hype?

Remember those endless commercials about going electronic with your medical records? They were everywhere, anytime you turned on anything, or went to your doctors office. Then in 2009, The Affordable Care Act was passed requiring that healthcare providers go electronic.

Health care systems are being constantly inundated with data. This has become even more data after the rise of The Affordable Care Act, which required more information and led to more patients. This data needs to be stored somewhere and old-school bulky document management systems just aren’t cutting it.

The DMS provides easy to access, easy to share, cost-effective ways to improve the patients experiences. The document managements systems, when well done, store all of the patients files in one place, and if providers use the same one, across different parts of the healthcare fields. That allows for instant streamlined results and an increase in access. No more large document files in every doctors office a patient visits. Not only are the documents easy to access broadly and behind the desk but they can be accessed in a visit. The tablet mobility of many of these systems allow for doctors to update your records, right then and their decreasing  the chance of transposing error and cutting down on employment costs.

All of this leads to happier and healthier patients. Patients are able to get healthcare that is better tailored to them. The access to files immediately for the entirety of their health history allows doctors to proscribe the best holistic treatment. The time saved having the files done electronically gives doctors more time for the patient to get their undivided attention.

The Electronic Document Management creates a higher level of security. Documents that are physical copies are easily destroyed by the natural elements and eventual will be lost to make space for new ones. The electronic system will keep all the records safe from disaster. Having them online and encrypted with security access provides greater HIPA compliance and less chance of records being seen by someone who shouldn’t see them.

The healthcare industry is going electronic spurred to action by national legislation. The hype is real and the change is positive. For more information, contact Biel’s today.